Next-generation fast charging

We develop a new generation of charging technology that is twenty to sixty percent faster than today’s chargers and reduce the energy use by 30 percent.

How it Works

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Our product

Next generation fast charging – Our on-board charging solution

on board charger
1 %
1 %
longer battery life
1 %
reduced power loss

A boost for EV charging

  • Rapid level-2 charging at 22 kW
  • 20-60% faster domestic charging
  • Up to 30% lower electricity use & cost
  • Up to 15% longer battery life for EVs

EpinovaTech is offering a new generation of charging technology that is twenty to sixty percent faster than today’s chargers from home charging to fixed charging stations. At the same time – we are reducing the electricity use and electricity cost associated with EV charging by 30 percent which is fantastic for the environment.

Like-for-like comparison

1 phase3 phase
EV modelBattery size7kW11kW22kWEV range in km
Hyundai Ioniq284,5N/AN/A200
Renault Kangoo ZE336N/AN/A200
Nissan Leaf407,5N/AN/A240
Renault Zoe417,542,75300
BMW i3 120Ah429,754N/A246
Tesla M3 Std. Range508,55,5N/A354
Hyundai Kona electric649N/AN/A420
Tesla M3 Long Range75128N/A523
Jaguar I-Pace9013N/AN/A375
Tesla Model S and X10014,59N/AS: 540; X: 460
Approximate AC EVSE charging rate, in hours

Benefits for both the EV-user, producers and the society

EV and consumer


  • 15% longer battery life over battery cost
  • 10% smaller footprint for same effect


  • Up to 20-60% faster domestic charging
  • 2 times faster rapid charging at level-2 (22kW)
  • 30% lower electricity bill
  • Prolongs battery life (and value) of the EV by up to 15%

Solutions for the EV ecosystem

EpinovaTech’s OBC charger is optimized for fast AC charging at higher rating AC available at home and office mains supply. The charger is optimized for both 1-phase and 3-phase supply. The design support batteries in both 400V and 800V range. The OBC charger reduces electricity usage by power factor correction.
power factor correction

OBC product effect on power use

AC vs DC charging

charging infrastructure DC vs. AC



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Next generation fast charging

EpinovaTech has been developed since 2015 and our technical solutions cover everything from power conversion to charging safer, faster and more environmentally friendly. We have a background in computational chemistry, nanotechnology, electronics and artificial intelligence. Connect with us for scalable production!

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